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Shamrock Commercial Snow Removal, Sales and Service since 1975!

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We know snow!
We have been pioneers in the Commercial Snow Removal Industry for 35 years developing safe, reliable and innovative snow removal methods and equipment.  We have a team of snow removal specialists who have many years of snow industry experience assuring you the job will be done right the first time. All of our employees are committed to service, quality and safety. We are a Minnesota based company who has been managing snow removal and ice removal since 1975.

No one matches our experienced people and custom snow removal equipment:

Our custom fleet of snow removal equipment is specifically manufactured for snow and ice removal.  Our custom snow removal tugs with extra wide snow removal blades help make snow clean-up  and snow removal quick and easy.  Our enormous self contained Oshkosh Commercial Snow Blower can remove more than 6000 tons of snow per hour making us a giant in commercial snow removal.  Shamrock has in excess of 120 pieces of snow removal equipment making us one of North America’s largest snow removal companies.

Shamrock Sales and Service, snow removalBesides the enormous self contained Oshkosh Commercial Snow Blower our fleet consisting of many front end loaders , numerous farm tractors with 12 to 16 foot hydro turn snowplows, several skid steers with buckets and custom  power brooms for safe, effective sidewalk cleaning. Plus we support a twenty man sidewalk crew to insure the completed with pedestrians in mind. 
We have a variety of custom made equipment capable of putting down de-icing material. We have small equipment capable of servicing parking ramps and tight parking lots, trucks capable of servicing large properties, and skid loader mounted sanders for tight areas and sidewalks.

We manufacture custom salt and sand de-icing equipment capable of  handling any snowfall or ice storm.  Our patent pending custom salt and sanding boxes spread a controlled amount insuring even distribution and rapid melt. 

Finally, Shamrock Snow Removal has several readily available offsite snow dumpsites to discard tons of snow. Shamrock removes snow from the actual site using many commercial trailer  roll-off snow boxes which can hold over  50 yard of snow per unit. This allows us to quickly remove the snow from your valuable property increasing lot usage and decreasing the chance of accidents caused from poor visibility due to  piled snow.

Shamrock Sales and Service, snow removalSafety First:
With our  35 years of a “Safety First” history, Shamrock Sales is your “Safety First Commercial Snow  Removal Company. Too often companies may hire snow removal employees with very little experience and lack safety training, Shamrock knows how to take care of the snow in a way that you do not have to take care of the damage in the spring. With inexperienced companies you will also find that they may remove the snow from the main areas, but do not consider snow between cars and along walking passages that, if not taken care of properly, can leave customers or your employees frustrated or in unsafe situations. Knowing where to move the snow is just as important as removing the snow in the first place. Safety is jeopardized when the weather begins to melt and refreezes the ill-placed snow. We have also found that there is a fine science of keeping the sand and salt out of your business.

Hands-on Inspections and Impeccable Record keeping:
We pre-inspect the lots,  flag curbs prior to any work commencing. We carry $3 Million in liability insurance and are fully bonded.  We do continuous evaluation and training.   Our team is there watching each snowfall to determine whether salting is necessary to keep properties clean and free of ice. You can expect constant monitoring of ever-changing weather conditions.  We log daily lot conditions reports at no extra costs helping to make sure your lot is always customer safe.  At the end of each month a log book is provided to you for the prior 30 day period.
Shamrock Sales and Service, snow removal
No job too big:
We provide snow removal, salt/sanding and hauling in the Minneapolis, St. Paul and Twin Cities metro area. Our equipment is on-site and ready 24/7 for professional emergency snow removal service.   Where can you see us in action? We can be seen at Burnsville Shopping Center , Southdale Shopping Center, Maplewood Shopping Center, Target Stores, Home Depot, Kohl’s, Wal-Marts, Super America’s  and all size Apartment Complexes . Just to name a few. No matter how big or small the snow storm we have the right equipment to remove the snow in the most economically efficient  and timely manner. 

Shamrock Sales and Service, snow removalFinal Inspections:  
The job is not done until Founder and  Owner Terry O’Brien gives the “Thumbs Up”. Once winter is over we will personally inspect all jobsites for any damages that may have occurred due to our equipment. If any is found we will cover all damages will be repaired at our cost.

We're ready to answer your questions about commercial snow removal, provide you with an estimate or bid, or respond directly with quick service. Contact us today for a free estimate, and seasonal or pay-as-it-snows proposal.

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